Who We Are


Chef Pradeep Kumar & Vedas Indian Restaurant

Chef Kumar hails from Delhi, India. His culinary career has been meteoric. From the finest hotels of India to the bustling fine restaurants of New York City to the techie halls of Silicon Valley, Chef Kumar has experienced a vast culinary journey.

His talents have led him to train some of the finest chefs around the country. He has also worked under some fine chefs himself, including Food Network celebrity chef Robert Irvine of Restaurant: Impossible and Dinner: Impossible.

His skills as a chef have always brought him a loyal following of food hounds wherever his journeys took him. But in early 2010 Chef Kumar ventured on his own to open Vedas Indian Restaurant in Milpitas, California. The restaurant was an instant hit, especially for the amazing lunch buffet that drew hungry Silicon Valley engineers out from behind their office cubicles for miles around.

Chef Kumar continues to refine Vedas; always reaching to a higher level. At the same time, in 2014 he expanded Vedas reach into the San Francisco Peninsula by opening in San Mateo, just south of San Francisco airport.

Chef Kumar continues to showcase the spectacular and varied cuisine of India at Vedas. Fresh food is steeped in proprietary spice blends. Every marinade is specially prepared to bring out the unique flavors and texture of individual meats. Refinements such as stone grinders have been introduced to preserve the robust flavors of the rich coconut masalas, which can easily be damaged by the high heat of regular mixers.

The Vedas menu captures the essence of a decade of extensive research and experience by Chef Kumar, reflecting the culinary legacy of the various regions of India. New experiences like basil tikka, signature lamb chops, and seasonal curries and wood fired dishes await the discerning gourmet.